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Let’s explain the bowling terminology you will experience while you are playing;

What is a Strike?
While, you are playing the game, if you knock out all the clubs in your line at your first shot.2ndshot is not done as all the clubs are knocked out in the first shot.The symbol for this is “X”.The answer of the prevalent question of what is a strike is this.

What is a Spare?
If, you knock out the clubs you cannot knock out at your first shot at your second shot, this is called spare.The symbol for this is “/”.

What is a Split?
We have mentioned that the clubs in bowling are arranged roughly as a triangle.If, after your shot, you knock out the clubs at the front and the standing ones stand separated from each other without any connection, this is called a split.For example, if the clubs on the far left and the far right are still standing, we call this a split.