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Our value customers and business partners;

We completely fulfill all requirements in relation to your health in the national and international standards I lines with your needs and expectations changing in parallel with daily conditions as of the date of start to service as Mirage Park Resort.

Our Quality, Environment, Food Safety and ISG Management Systems as well as the compliance of our Non-Gluten Kitchen Services (the service is firstly awarded certificate in the accommodation sector) are annually audited and certificated by the independent audit companies, and in addition to this, our hygiene safety principles are subject to monthly audits.

As you know, the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic affecting whole world leads to create new conditions materially changing holiday approach like in all living conditions by taking “hygiene conditions” into consideration. We are conscious of taking all measures of the highest order to overcome this difficult period.

We hereby share our hygiene and cleaning measures to be applied for protecting our employees and our valuable guests against COVID-19 epidemic and to overcome this difficult period.

Entrance Procedures

• The temperature measurement of our guests shall be made in the entrance and during the accommodation.
• Our guests must complete “Covid-19 Guest’s Health Statement and Explicit Consent” including the data in relation to their transportation history and health conditions in the entrance.
• If necessary, the hygiene and protection equipment shall be delivered to our guests in the entrance, and if it is required, they shall be replaced.
• The door cards and other materials shall be securely delivered to our guests after disinfection process. All entrance registration transactions and the secure physical distance are considered in our other services.
• The suitcases shall be delivered to the room after disinfection process.
• We use mobile applications for establishing contactless and quick communication with our guests.
• The time determined for entrance is 15:00, and for exit is 11:00 a.m. at the latest due to detailed disinfection process in the rooms.

Guest Room

• The cleaning and disinfection of our guest rooms are made with the Ecolab products certified by the ministry of Health by our experienced team by taking necessary personal protective measures.
• The rooms are cleaned by using different color-coded cleaning clothes proper to cleaning plan.
• The rooms justly left are disinfected with ULV technique. All hotel guest amenities used in the room and bathroom are delivered in disposable packages and are replaced for each guest
• The textile products (such as linen, reefer, pillowcase, liquid-proof undersheet, towel and bathrobe) are subjected to cleaning and disinfection procedures in high temperatures.
• The cleaning and disinfection process of the ventilation duct and filters are regularly performed.

General Use Areas

• All common areas in our facility are reorganized according to the physical distance, and the hand disinfection stations are established for required areas.
• The cleaning and disinfection of the common areas are made by our experienced team taking all personal protective measures.
• We use the methods such as steam cleaning, ULV technic, ozone and UV technologies in addition to chemical disinfection procedures for ensuring disinfection of our facility.
• The cleaning and disinfection procedures of the ventilation duct and filters have been increased. The air inside the Hotel building is regularly circulated with the fresh air.
• All other stores such as market and boutique etc. active inside the Hotel take additional measures against Covid-19.

Food-Beverage Services

• It is ensured that all our employees take their personal protective measures.
• By reducing the capacity of food and beverage service areas, they are organized by taking physical distance into consideration, and are brought in compliance with the social distance rules defined.
• Banquet service and other food and beverage presentations within service hours are performed by our personnel in accordance with social distance and hygiene rules.
• All tables and chairs are disinfected after each their uses by the guests. Disposable salt, pepper, sugar and disinfected napkin are available on the table.
• The orders of our guests who ask to use the kitchen buffet, are delivered by our service personnel to their tables.
• The food and beverage areas are cleaned in detail after closing to service, and are disinfected with ULV.

Laundry Service

• The professional laundry service is provided in the facility.
• All hotel textile products and clothes are washed by taking cross epidemic measures by our experienced staff.

SPA – Fitness – Entairtenment – Activity and Congress Areas

• In out SPA, indoor pool, hammam, sauna and care rooms are organized according to the social distance regulations, and the visits to these areas shall be accepted with reservations.
• The fitness room has been organized in accordance with the social distance plan, and it serves to our guests with reservation and under observation of our Fitness Trainer.
• The areas are disinfected at time of close with ULV technic
• The cleaning and disinfection procedures in the Kitchen Club are increased, and some areas have been temporarily closed to service.
• All activity and game equipment are delivered after disinfection and in packages.
• The outdoor event areas, amphitheater, sport fields, congress center and other areas are regularly disinfected, and all our guests are required to adhere to the general hygiene rules, mask use and social distance rules.

Pool and Beach Areas

• All pools and beaches are reorganized according to the social distance rules, and all areas around pools and in beaches are periodically disinfected and controlled.
• The chemical and microbiologic analysis of the pools are periodically performed by the independent authorities.
• The pavilions in the beaches are appropriate to maximum 2 people in accordance with the social distance rules.
• All pavilions are served with reservation.

Safety and Health Service

• The health personnel and security officers are available in the indoor and outdoor areas for 7/24.
• According to the regulations of the public authorities, the statutory procedure and service standards are defined in order to ensure isolation during the possible doubts or cases; and the isolated areas are determined.
• The temperatures of all guests, suppliers and outsourced service providers entered our facility are measured in the amin entrances, and the preventive measure are taken.
• The infrastructure and standards of the product safety and hygiene from the product delivery to their submission to our guests are completely applied.


• The personnel service vehicles are disinfected before and after their uses. Our personnel must adhere to the necessary measures in the service vehicles. The measures defined in the Guideline on Covid-19 Epidemic Management and Working announced by the TR Ministry of Health are applied in the service vehicles.
• The temperature measurements of our employees are made during entering to and leaving from the facility.
• The current status of our all employees are monitored in the lights of “Covid-19 Personnel Health Statement and Undertaking”.
• The uniform and protective equipment used by the personnel are periodically disinfected and replaced.
• The enough amounts of disinfection units are available in the personnel common areas and all working units. It is monitored that all our personnel periodically disinfect their hands, and it is controlled.
• All our personnel is periodically trained with the educations given by the experienced authorities in relation to the Pandemic and protection methods, epidemic terms, cleaning and disinfection principles defined in the Guideline on COVID-19 Management issued by the TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism in addition to the educations received for the Quality management systems and hygiene certificates available in our hotel; and this is controlled.

• We are continuously pursuing all national and international authorities especially T.R. Ministry of Health and Science Committee, updating the applications and making internal information.

• Services and public areas of use offered within the concept of our hotel may be restricted or canceled completely according to the circulars and legal regulations within the scope of existing or not yet effective Covid-19 measures.
• Our guests who make reservations, comply with all the measures taken by our hotel, the Ministry of Health and local / relevant institutions regarding Covid-19 and within the scope of these measures; Our guests are obliged to provide all requested information to the facility. The services to be offered or the entire accommodation may be terminated for our guests who do not comply with the measures.
• All our guests are responsible for taking and fully implementing all the personal precautions required within the scope of Covid 19 before entering the hotel and during the stay, in order to protect both their own health and public health. All guests with a health problem or suspicion of Covid-19 symptoms should apply to the health institutions before checking into the hotel. Our hotel cannot be held responsible for any negative situations that may occur or any material damage that may occur as a result of failure to comply with the measures taken within the scope of Covid-19.


For more information and your questions, please feel free to contact with us through. info@mirageparkresort.com.tr